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Church History

Under the Leadership of the Holy Spirit, Deacon Willie F. Jordan Sr., Deacon Govan Campbell, Deacon John Collins Jr., and Deacon Saul Goner met in the name of the Lord and saw the need to organize a mission to win souls. Deacon Goner found True Vine M.B. Church vacant and the brethren met and reorganized the name of the church to Great True Vine M.B. Church. On November 29, 1967 the church began her mission at 3226 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago IL. Without a pastor the church went in pray and Rev. Walter Coolidge was elected as their pastor. In 1968, Rev. Coolidge resigned. In the spring of 1968 Rev. Curtis Brooks was elected as pastor. But in the fall of 1969 Rev. Brooks resigned. Without a pastor the spirit lead the brethren to Rev. L.C. Caver and in the winter of 1969 Pastor Caver along with his congregation, United Baptist Church merged with Great True Vine MB Church family.

While on Roosevelt Road, the Lord blessed the church to purchase the building at 3226 W. Roosevelt Road. The church grew and many members were added to the church. Deacon Willie Jordan Sr. and Deacon Govan Campbell were the first to confess their call into the Gospel ministry and later Rev. Willie Jordan organized Jordan Temple Baptist Church and Rev. Govan Campbell organized Holy Ground Baptist Church. Deacon John Collins Jr. was appointed Chairman of the Deacon board. The church continue to grow and other ministers and deacons and members were added to the ministry.

On October 19, 1974 the church relocated to 5950 W. Chicago Ave. In January of 1982 the church relocated to our present location, 5932-38 W. Division St. The building was in much need of work, the Pastor, Deacons, members and friends such as Bobbie Williams and Alex Bruno worked faithfully to remodel the building.

On Sunday, December 22, 1982 we marched into our new place of worship. Rev. Forrest Norvell, Pastor of St. Rest MBC, prayed the dedicational prayer and Rev. Willie A. Kelly, Pastor of Rising Sun MBC preached the first sermon. During that time the church grew in great numbers, deacons were added, preachers confessed their call into the ministry.

On September 1, 1996 Pastor L.C. Caver resigned as pastor after 27 years of service and asked the church to accept Rev. John E. Collins Sr. as the pastor of the church. On October 6, 1996 Rev. John E. Collins Sr. officially became pastor of Great True Vine MBC.

Under Pastor John Collins leadership many ministries have been added, preachers have accepted their call into the ministry and some are pastoring. Souls have been saved, programs to feed the hungry, property has been purchased and the church building has been remodeled. Pastor Collins focus and vision is promoting Christian Education. The Church is now a part of the Sunlight District, United Baptist State Convention, and The National Baptist Convention. “What pray and the Word can’t do, just can’t be done.”

Condense version of our church history